Strategy 2020–2026

Our strategic priorities


The UK is the principal base for our research support and related activity. Over the next six years our strategic priorities will be:

  1. Celebrating excellent research in optoelectronics and in human, animal and crop nutrition.
  2. Supporting research to increase knowledge and understanding of the wider fields of optoelectronics and human, animal and crop nutrition. Within these fields:
  3. Stimulating networks of scientists to exchange ideas on special topics through symposia that bring early career researchers together with experienced practitioners.
  4. Fostering a research community and individual researchers who can contribute to the advancement of knowledge.
  5. Encouraging the use of knowledge to create public benefit in our fields of interest.
  6. Informing wider society of the results of our work so as to ensure an informed climate within which research in our areas of interest can be understood and flourish.
  7. Enhancing our organisation through development of our staff, processes and policies so as to enable us to use our resources efficiently and communicate effectively.

We are delighted to present the Rank Prize Funds’ first formal strategic plan. The strategy sets out clearly our mission, aims and priorities for the next six years.