Nutrition symposia


The Impact of Ethnicity on Risk of Diet-related Diseases

The Shape of Wheat to Come


The Role of Wheat in Diet, Health and Disease

Soils, Organisms and Pollutants and their Consequences for Human Health

Carbohydrates and Health: Dietary Restriction and Ageing

Maternal and Paternal Intergenerational Programming Effects


Developmental Programming of Human Disease: Preconception Nutrition and Lifelong Health

The Role of Crops in Providing Micronutrients (Fe, Zn, Se), for Human Health

Dietary Restriction and Ageing

Nutrition: Implications to Ageing Processes and People


Nutrition and Cancer

Cereal Genomics to Address Grand Challenges

Perenniality – Potential and Challenges for Future Sustainable Crop Production



Metabolism and Circadian Rhythms – Implications for Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Oxidative Stress, Does it Play a Role in Life Histories and Ageing?

Gut Hormones and Nutrition

Sensing and Automation in Crop Production


Gene Transfer to Plants: 30 Years On

Methyl Donors and Human Nutrition

Long Chain n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in the Human Diet – Health and Sustainability Issues

Mechanistic Aspects and Functional Outcomes of Vitamin D

Fruit and Health in the 21st Century


New Horizons in Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Non-Digestible Polysaccharides in the Human Diet: From Farm to Pharmacy


Sports Nutrition


Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition

Roots for Improving Resource Acquisition in Crops

Evolution of the Human Diet

Alcohol and Nutrition


Dietary Flavonoids: Mechanisms of Action and Human Health

Sensory Aspects of Pollination

Nutrient Sensing and Signalling

Nutritional Biomarkers: Present Science and Future Opportunities