Optoelectronics symposia


Single Photon Detectors: Physics and Applications

Periodically-Modulated and Artificially Hetero-Structured Devices

Organic Lasers and Hybrid Optical Structures

Ultrashort Pulse Sources


Opto-Microfluidics for Large Scale Integration

Physics and Applications of InN and InGaN SemiconductorMaterials

Optical Aspects of Non Destructive Testing

The Push or Pull of Optical Momentum?


Self-Calibrating Sensory Systems

Quantum Information Processing Using Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Interacting with Still and Moving Images: From Signals to Semantics

Photonics and Optics in Sustainable Energy

Making Light Work

Representations of the Visual World in the Brain


Si Based Optoelectronics

Dilute Nitride Semiconductor Materials and Optoelectronic Devices

Metamaterials in Nature and Technology

Electro-Optic Nanostructured Arrays


Machine Understanding of People and Their Responses

High Intensity Laser-Plasma Interactions

Optoelectronics for Use in the Diagnosis of Cancer

Optical Data Networking

Active Vision


The Assessment of Foodstuffs by the Eye and by Instrumentation

Quantum Biological Optoelectronics

Laser Ablation

Chilarity and Nonlinearity in Liquid Crystals


The Probabilistic Brain

Terahertz Imaging and Sensing

Orbital Angular Momentum of Photons, Helical Beams and Optical Vortices

Passive Optical Components

Nanocrystal Q-Dots in Optoelectronics


Optical Orientation and Spintronics

Optical Metrology Techniques for Industrial Applications

Optics in Fluid Dynamics, Meteorology and the Atmosphere

Nonlinear Dynamics of Lasers


Terabit Optical Networks

Creating the Right Image: i-Lighters and i-Shadows

Broadband Optical Amplifiers

Applications of Free Electron Lasers


Model Selection and Learning in Computer Vision

Microwave Photonic Devices and Systems

Son et Lumière

Applications of Fast, Low-Level Light Detection