Research and other projects supported by the Nutrition Fund

(All for a period of three years unless otherwise stated):


MRC Clinical Research Centre, Northwick Park Hospital.  Causes, effects and treatment of human obesity.  July 1975


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London).  Clinical studies into obesity.  March 1976


Queen Elizabeth College (University of London).  Studies into the causes of obesity.  April 1976


University College of North Wales.  Bangor.  Research on membrane lipids and germinative vigour in wheat.  October 1976


Kings College (University of London).  Research into photorespiration.  October 1976


Plant Breeding Institute.  Cambridge.  Research in cytoplasmic genetics.  December 1976


Wye College (University of London)  Gibberellic acid and its effect on wheat.  May 1977 (1 year)


University of Sheffield.  “In vitro” sucrose synthesis in plant systems, based on higher plant photosynthesis with spinach.  October 1977


University of Leeds.  Pilot study towards extending and increasing the productivity of cool-temperate grasslands.  November 1977


University of Edinburgh.  Dietary survey related to Edinburgh-Stockholm study of coronary heart disease.  One outright grant.


Queen Elizabeth College (University of London).  Influence of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid on the development of the heart and brain.  November 1977 (two years).


Brunel University.  The importance of bread in the British Diet in the twentieth century.  January 1978.


University of Glasgow.  Dietetic advice in connection with nutritional studies on young children.  March 1978


St. George’s Hospital Medical School (University of London).  Regulatory mechanisms in reversible obesity.  January 1979


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (University of London).  Studies of protein turnover in the obese.  February 1979


University of Edinburgh.  Dietary fatty acids and coronary heart disease.  July 1979 (two years).


University of Aberdeen.  Study of metabolism of trace elements in health and disease states.  June 1979 (five years).


University of Cambridge.  Synthesis of enzymes of nitrogen assimilation in wheat.  October 1979


Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre (University of Cambridge).  Energy and salt: metabolic effects in obese hypertensive women.  February 1980 (two years).


University of Bristol.  The immune response of the gut to food antigens before and at weaning.  March 1980


School of Clinical Medicine (University of Cambridge).  The teaching of nutrition in medical schools.  August 1980 (five years).


University of Manchester.  Protein biosynthesis in relation to loss of vigour in cereals.  October 1980


University of Sheffield/York.  Internal factors determining photosynthetic capacity in crop species such as wheat.  October 1981


Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre (University of Cambridge).  Rank/Widdowson Post Doctoral Fellowship in Child Nutrition.  January 1985


University of Dundee.  Regulatory Control of Nitrogen Metabolism.  June 1987


Cardiothoracic Unit (University of London).  Regulatory Control of Nitrogen or Protein Metabolism.  June 1987


St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School/ The London Hospital (University of London).  Rank Chair of Human Nutrition.  Funded jointly with the Rank Foundation.  July 1987 (Initial period of ten years).


University of Glasgow.  Rank Chair of Human Nutrition.  Funded jointly with the Rank Foundation.  November 1988 (Initial period of ten years).


University of Southampton.  Grant towards a study in Public Health Nutrition.  July 1993 (two years).


Intercollegiate Initiative on Nutrition. Grants towards setting up and running training courses to improve the understanding of nutrition in health and disease.  The courses will be aimed primarily at medical staff in their post-graduate training years. (1998,1999,2006, final payment 2007).


Grant to reprint John Waterlow's book on Protein Energy Metabolism (One-off grant) 2007.


Special Needs Grants.  Grants to research students to provide unusual or urgent research requirements.  2004-2008


  Equipment Grant to The University of Newcastle as a contribution for the purchase of a pyrosequencer (One-off grant) 2008   Vacation Studentships.  Grants to cover expenses over 8 weeks during the summer vacation to enable students to assist in research projects in the fields of human nutrition, animal nutrition and crop husbandry.  2001 to present.
  PhD Studentships. Part funding for a studentship with support from a research council, charity or other source. £10k pa for up to 4 years. 2008 to present.   New Lecturer Awards. Grant offered in areas of human nutrition and crop science to help newly appointed lecturers, researchers or fellows with their own independent support working. 2013 to present.
  Travel Awards. Grant to assist early and mid-career scientists to make and establish contacts with international counterparts by spending time in an institution outside the UK. 2016 to present.