Early Career Researchers win prizes at the Rank Symposium on Nutrition and Ageing

The Rank Symposium on the Impact of Nutrition on the Ageing Process was held in Grasmere from 9-12 May 2022. At the end of the symposium, the traditional prize for best presentation by an Early Career Researcher was shared between two speakers, Dr. Lena Lampe (Francis Crick Institute) and Dr. Stephen Wilkie (Karolinska Institutet). The winners explain the work they presented here:

Dr. Lena Lampe: Time flies – the epicutaneous lipid barrier during ageing in Drosophila

“The skin barrier is essential to protect organisms from dehydration and environmental stresses. One main component of the skin barrier is lipids (oils), whose composition changes during the course of a lifetime. We combined the power of a novel surface-specific chemical imaging technique (OrbiSIMS) with the genetically tractable fruit fly model organism to better understand changes in skin lipid composition and function. We uncovered the presence of a unique skin lipid composition in very young flies that is developmentally regulated and may be particularly beneficial to the resilience of these flies’ skin barrier”.

Dr. Stephen Wilkie: Hydrogen sulfide at the interface of ageing and diet

“Thanks to decades of research, we now understand that the rate at which we age can be affected by factors such as our genes, environment, and diet. What remains to be discovered is what exactly is happening in our cells in response to these factors and how these changes actually extend the lifespan of organisms. My PhD research focussed on hydrogen sulfide, a chemical produced in most organs that is thought to play a part in the way our cells respond to dietary and genetic factors that affect lifespan. Better understanding of how hydrogen sulfide affects aspects of our biology might provide new targets for drugs that aid in healthy ageing”.

Congratulations to both!

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