Nutrition winners


Professor J. K. Edwards
Professor G. Moore
For pioneering research which has enabled plant breeders to exploit cereal genomics to develop improved wheat cultivars.


Professor G.D. Farquhar
Dr R. Richards
For pioneering the understanding of isotope discrimination in plants and its application to breed wheat varieties that use water more efficiently.


Professor J.H.Cummings
For his outstanding research that established the role of the colon in human health and nutrition.


Professor P.E. Hartmann
Professor R.A. Owens
In recognition of their research on human lactation, including methods for the non-invasive measurement of the rate of milk secretion.

Professor F. Koning
Professor L.M. Sollid
In recognition of their work on the mechanism and treatment of coeliac disease.


Professor P. Puska
For his demonstration on a national scale, in Finland, of the dramatic success of the application of preventive nutritional principles to the conquest of coronary heart disease.

Professor S.D. Tanksley
For his work on the application of genome mapping and molecular markers to crop improvement.


Professor J.C. van Lenteren
Professor M. Dicke
Professor L.E.M. Vet
For fundamental studies of plant-pest-natural enemy interactions and the development of practical methods of pest control.


Professor V.Ganapathy
Professor M. Hediger
Professor F.H. Leibach
In recognition of their work on the identification, molecular characterisation and control of cellular nutrient transporters.


Dr D.D. Kasarda
Professor P.R. Shewry
In recognition of their work on molecular characterisation of cereal seed storage proteins.


Professor J.C. Waterlow
In recognition of his lifetime contribution to the science of nutrition and its application to human welfare.


Dr G.S. Khush
Dr S. Rajaram
For the application of crop science and plant breeding technology to the improvement of rice and wheat yields so that the food supply to poor people is safeguarded.


Dr M.D. Gale
For work showing the collinearity of genes in the genomes of an extensive range of cereal species and for its consequences in accelerating the progress of crop improvement.


Professor J.A. Pickett
For pioneering studies of insect chemical ecology, involving the identification of semiochemicals that influence the behaviour of insects and their interactions with crop plants and facilitating new strategies for insect pest control in agricultural practice.

Professor B.M. Hibbard
Professor R.W. Smithells
For pioneering studies into the role of micronutrient deficiencies, principally folic acid deficiency, and neural tube defects. This work ultimately led to fundamental changes in the dietary care of women during the reproductive years of their lives and the protection of the unborn child.


Dr R. Andres
For his work in clarifying the true relationship between blood glucose levels, glucose utilisation, insulin release and insulin action by the invention of the glucose insulin clamp.


Sir Kenneth Blaxter
For his outstanding contribution to the science of nutrition.


Dr H.R. Herren
For his work on the biological control of pests of cassava.

Professor G.K. Radda
For his work on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance to study tissue metabolism.


Professor V.R. Young
For his work on the amino acid metabolism of man.

Dr J.L. Monteith
For his elucidation of the physical principles of determining crop growth.


Professor H.F. de Luca
Professor D.R. Fraser
Dr D.E.M. Lawson
For their work on the metabolism of vitamin D.

Professor J. Cravioto
For his pioneering work on the mental development of malnourished children.

Dr P.R. Jennings
Dr T.T. Chang
Professor L.P. Yuan
For their contribution to the development of highly productive rice varieties which transformed the food position in Asia.


Dr M.D. Chilton
Professor J.S. Schell
Mr. M. Van Montagu
Dr M.W. Bevan
For their leading research work in molecular biology which now enables foreign genes to be transferred to plants.

Professor N. Lifson
For his work which has enabled the energy metabolism of animals and man to be measured under free living conditions.


Dr E.M. Widdowson
For her work on the values of foods as nutrient sources, the effects of long term undernutrition and starvation and the nature and control of the growth process.
(This prize was linked to a three year Rank/Widdowson Post Doctoral Fellowship in Child Nutrition which was financed by the Funds)


Dr H.N. Munro
For his work on the protein metabolism of mammals.


Dr H.P. Kortschak
Dr M.D. Hatch
Dr C.R. Slack
For their outstanding work on the mechanism of photosynthesis which established the existence of an alternative pathway for the initial fixation of carbon dioxide in some important food plants. This work provided the basis for advances in plant physiology and biochemistry.


Mr. N.W. Pirie
For his outstanding contribution to the development of the technology for the isolation of protein food from herbage.