Nutrition committee

Professor Anne Marie Minihane BSc PhD

Anne Marie Minihane is Professor of Nutrigenetics, Head of the Department of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine Department, Norwich Medical School, UEA and Director of Norwich Institute of Healthy Ageing (NIHA).

Anne-Marie and her team’s research programme investigates the impact of dietary components (marine omega-3 fatty acids and a Mediterranean-style dietary pattern) and APOE genotype on cardiovascular and cognitive health. A particular focus is the molecular and physiological basis for the interactive impact of menopause, and an APOE4 genotype (25 per cent of the UK population) on neuropathology and overall brain health, and examining the ability of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA to mitigate accelerated brain ageing in APOE4 females. Norwich Institute of Healthy Ageing (NIHA) is focused on providing agency, and the capability, opportunity and motivation to us as individuals and communities to adopt healthier behaviours (eating, physical activity, socialisation, sleep, etc.), aligned with recommendations.

In addition, at UEA, Anne Marie contributes to the teaching of the Medical and Bioscience students in the area of nutrition, disease prevention and therapeutics. She is academic advisor to ILSI Europe (a tripartite consortium of industry, academia and policy organisations) and Deputy Editor of Frontiers in Nutrition. When away from science, she enjoys the outdoors, and in particular running, good food and wandering around supermarkets, social and historical fiction, and travel and its planning.