Rank lectures at Monogram Conference

The Monogram 2021 meeting, organised by the James Hutton Institute and University of Dundee, was held virtually from 1–4 June 2021. We were pleased to sponsor two lectures on the final day of the conference, as well as committing travel-fund savings to cover speakers’ registration fees.

Anthony Hall, Head of Plant Genomics at Earlham Institute, gave a Rank lecture, ‘Beyond the single wheat reference genome’.

Dr Philippa Borrill, Lecturer in Plant Biology at the University of Birmingham gave the Rank Prize ECR Excellence Lecture, ‘The alternative dwarfing gene Rht13 encodes an autoactive NB-LRR gene’. Philippa’s research investigates how the developmental processes of senescence determine the nutritional content of grain. She also won the Rank Prize new lecturer grant in 2018.