New insights into brain plasticity


In her Rank Lecture at the 2022 European Conference of Visual Perception (ECVP), ‘Plastic Brains for Flexible Decisions’, Professor Zoe Kourtzi drew on brain imaging and computational modelling to show how the brain’s plasticity allows it to filter information and make improved decisions.

Find out more by watching Professor Kourtzi’s lecture.

With thanks to Professor Zoe Kourtzi and ECVP for permission to reproduce this recording.

Professor Zoe Kourtzi is Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge. Her work investigates how humans translate sensory experience into complex decisions and adaptive behaviours, through an interdisciplinary approach that combines behavioural paradigms with multimodal brain imaging and state-of-the-art computational methods.

The ECVP is a yearly European conference in which researchers from all parts of the world convene. The conference centres around visual perception research and fields that connect to visual perception such as multisensory processing, attention, decision making, artificial intelligence and aesthetics. The overall goal of the meeting is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new developments in our understanding of human, animal and machine vision.