Travel grant

This grant is for researchers to learn techniques, use facilities or access data not available to them in the UK.

This grant is available to assist early- and mid-career researchers to make and establish contacts with international counterparts by spending time in an institution outside the UK.

Our Nutrition Committee awards it for research in human and animal nutrition and crop science.


Researchers are often aware of laboratories and research groups outside the UK that have new techniques and methodologies that they would like to implement in their own research programmes, or which have facilities and data that are not available, or in limited supply, in the UK.  Re-skilling is an essential element of every research scientist’s career and frequently such techniques are best learned by working alongside other researchers so that essential know-how can be quickly assimilated.

Rank Prize’s Nutrition Committee would like to encourage early- or mid-career researchers to experience a different international working environment and to acquire new skills or to access facilities or data that are unavailable in their home institution.

Who is eligible?

The award is open to members of academic and research staff who hold a full-time position at a UK university or research institution. Although there is no restriction on the rank or salary band of applicants, the Committee will give priority to those in the early stages of their career.

What the award can cover

The award can be used to cover the costs of transport to the overseas laboratory and for reasonable accommodation and subsistence costs whilst there. Laboratory consumables can be claimed together with any fixed charges for use of equipment or access to data. A contribution to the costs of childcare (if needed) either in the UK or at the location of the host institution will be considered. The maximum sum for any individual application is £10,000 and up to two grants will be awarded in 2022.

No contribution will be made to the applicant’s salary and nor will a bench fee to the host institution be paid except in exceptional circumstances.

Application process

Applications can be submitted at any time to Rank Prize and the Nutrition Committee will review the applications in July and November.  However, the call will be closed should two awards be made in July and therefore early application is encouraged.  The deadlines are 23:59 30 June 2022 for the first round and 23:59 31 October 2022 for the second round.


Successful applicants will be expected to provide a short (2 to 3 pages) written report within six weeks of their return to the UK describing the work undertaken, new skills acquired and the use to which these skills will be put at their home institution. They may be invited to make a short presentation at a meeting of the Committee in London.

How to apply

The travel grant is currently closed.