Travel grant

This grant is for researchers to learn techniques, use facilities or access data not available to them in the UK.

It encourages early- and mid-career scientists to work alongside researchers in other countries, gain new knowledge and skills quickly, and experience a different working environment.

Our nutrition committee awards it for research in human nutrition and crop science.


Who is eligible?

The award is open to members of academic and research staff (including postdoctoral staff) of UK universities, research institutes and other organisations. Although there is no restriction on the rank or salary band of applicants, the committee will give priority to those at the early stages of their career.

The committee is keenly aware that spending time away from family can be difficult at these career stages, so is prepared to entertain imaginative proposals that reduce this potential difficulty.


What the award can cover

The costs of transport to the overseas laboratory, and reasonable accommodation and subsistence costs while there. Also laboratory consumables and fixed charges for use of equipment or access to data. A contribution to childcare costs (if needed), either in the UK or at the host institution, can be considered. The maximum sum for any individual application will be £10,000; up to four awards are available every year.

We do not contribute to the applicant’s salary or pay a bench fee to the host institution, except in exceptional circumstances.


How to apply

To find out more, please email The committee reviews applications in January, May and September.

Successful applicants will be expected to provide a short (two- to three-page) written report within six weeks of their return to the UK describing the work undertaken, new skills acquired and how they will use these skills at their home institution. They may be invited to make a short presentation at a meeting of the committee in London.