Forum grant

This grant enables groups of up to 20 scientists to explore a topic of special interest relating to human nutrition, animal nutrition or crop husbandry.

The forum usually takes place over one or two days at either a university or research institute based in the UK. There’s often a published meeting report or white paper on the outcome of the forum.

We welcome applications from institutions or individual research groups in the UK. The grant covers reasonable travel, food and accommodation costs up to a maximum of £10,000.

How to apply

This grant is currently closed and will re-open later in the year.


Terms & Conditions

1. This grant is for forums which are planned to take place before 31 March 2024.  A further call will open later in 2023 for forums due to take place after this date

2. If the forum needs to be rearranged, permission must be sought from Rank Prize to roll the funding forward as this will not happen automatically. Rank Prize reserve the right to cancel the grant should the forum not take place before 31 March 2024

3. If the funds are to be used for anything significantly different from what has been proposed in the application form, permission must be sought from Rank Prize prior to these changes taking place

4. Any unspent funds must be returned to Rank Prize

5. Payments will be made on receipt of an invoice after the forum has taken place

6. Rank Prize must be informed of any publications or presentations resulting from the forum and Rank Prize’s support must be acknowledged in these

7. A report detailing the outcomes and impact of the forum must be submitted to Rank Prize within one month of the forum taking place, and this may be published on the Rank Prize website. Guidelines on what to include in the report will be provided