New Lecturer Awards - Eligibility of Applicants  


This annual research grant is offered in the areas of human nutrition, animal nutrition (as distinct from animal husbandry), and crop science to help postdoctoral scientists establish their careers as independent investigators. It is available to newly appointed lecturers, researchers or fellows with their own independent support who are within the first two years of their appointment, typically 3-9 years from their PhD, although allowances will be made for career breaks. Applicants must be working in a UK institution. We will also consider applications from clinicians in an academic clinical post or supported by an appropriate fellowship.


Terms of Eligibility:


1. The decision on eligibility resides with Rank Prize Funds and is final. 


2. Applicants must be resident (spend 183 or more days in the UK in the tax year) in the UK at the time of application or be moving to the UK to take up an already agreed contract at an eligible institution and must remain resident in the UK for the duration of the proposed project. 


3. At the time of application, applicants must either: 


a) be employed by a UK university or eligible research organisation and hold an academic staff appointment there (lecturer level or equivalent) which is resourced from the central funds of the organisation. Lecturer equivalent will be researchers at the new unified Research Council Band E level. Research Council staff and postdoctoral research fellows located within university departments holding honorary university appointments which will outlast the period of a proposed grant may also apply.


b) if not employed by an eligible organisation, applicants must have an existing written formal arrangement with the organisation confirming that the research will be conducted as if the applicant were an employee at lecturer level or equivalent but without salary costs, i.e. that enables him or her to carry out research there and receive from the organisation all necessary management and infrastructural support, and that commits the organisation to take full responsibility for the research and its proper governance; 




c) be scheduled to move to the eligible organisation before the proposed start date of the grant, whether or not the proposal is successful, in such a way that would ensure that criterion a) or b) is met by the time the grant starts (In this case, the affiliation shown for the applicant should be the organisation that would hold the grant). 


4. At the time of application, applicants must have either: 


a) a contract of employment at lecturer level or equivalent that extends to beyond the duration of the proposed grant (or, if not employed by the submitting organisation, a formal non-salaried arrangement as described above that extends to beyond the duration of the proposed grant); 




b) an assurance from the organisation that, if the proposal is successful, a pre-existing contract of employment (or pre-existing formal commitment to provide support if not employed at the organisation) at lecturer level or equivalent will be extended beyond the end date of the grant.


5. Applicants in receipt of lecturer level equivalent postdoctoral fellowships from either the Research Councils or award-giving bodies such as the Royal Society, Academy of Medical Sciences and the Wellcome Trust may apply, as may the recipients of internal university fellowships that have a similar lecturer level equivalent status. 


6. Information on the type and nature of the position held, together with its end date and the funding it provides, must be included in the application. 


7. The application must be supported by a letter from the Head of Department in whose department the research will be carried out, or the Director of the Research Organisationconfirming that, in the event of the application being successful, full research facilities and support will be provided throughout the period of the research and that should the applicant be without a contract of employment extending beyond the period of the proposed grant at the time of application, such a contract will be put in place if the proposal is successful. Those researchers who may fall within this category should contact the Rank Prize Funds for confirmation of their eligibility prior to the submission of any application.