Rank Prize Nutrition Fund New Lecturer Awards 

This annual research grant is offered in the areas of human nutrition, animal nutrition (as distinct from animal husbandry), and crop science to help postdoctoral scientists establish their careers as independent investigators. It is available to newly appointed lecturers, researchers or fellows with their own independent support who are within the first two years of their appointment, typically 3-9 years from their PhD, although allowances will be made for career breaks. Applicants must be working in a UK institution. We will also consider applications from clinicians in an academic clinical post or supported by an appropriate fellowship.  The grant is not intended for postdoctoral scientists supported on a senior investigator’s funding. 

Please note that applications for 2020 have closed. The 2021 competition will be advertised in late spring 2021.

Up to £25,000 is available to fund the direct costs of research. The grant cannot be used to fund indirect or overhead costs, or to fund the salary of the award-holder. 

Guidance on how to apply is available here.

Please read the detailed eligibility criteria here before submitting an application. 

2020 Winners

The 2020 New Lecturer Awards in Nutrition have been announced! Congratulations to all three winners.

Dr Matthew Brook, University of Nottingham: 'A novel integrated muscle protein synthesis approach to understanding nutritional regulation of muscle maintenance in older people: ​do we need an RDA for leucine?'​

Dr Caspar Chater, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 'Deconstructing legume leaves for enhanced crop yields under drought and climate change'

Dr Ian Lidbury, University of Sheffield: 'Shedding light on plant-bacteria nutrient exchange at the root-soil interface'

Past Award-Holders


Dr Laura Dixon, University of Leeds: 'The role of temperature in regulating floral development and yield in wheat'

Dr Marjorie Lundgren, Lancaster University: 'Mesophyll airspace requirements for engineering C2 and C4 photosynthesis into C3 crops'


Dr Philippa Borrill, University of Birmingham: 'Transcription factors regulating senescence and grain nutrient content in wheat'

Dr Estrella Luna Diez, University of Birmingham: 'Plant defence strategies in the arms race with fungal disease'

Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, University of Cambridge: 'The “readers” and the “regulators” of plant-parasitism by nematodes of global agronomic importance'

Dr Daniel Owens, Liverpool John Moores University: 'A Causal relationship between vitamin D bioavailability and mitochondrial adaptations to exercise training in humans?'


Dr Neil Martin, Loughborough University: 'Amino Acid Metabolism in Ageing Muscle Cells Focussed on Sestrins'.