Rank Prize Funds Nutrition Committee New Lecturer Awards 2018

We are delighted to announcefour recipients of the New Lecturer Award in nutrition for 2018. Dr Phillippa Borrill and Dr Estrella Luna Diez, both from Birmingham University, Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, from the University of Cambridge and Dr Daniel Owens from Liverpool John Moores University. The awards are intended to help early career researchers establish their careers as independent reseachers and can be used in any way to support the direct costs of research.

Dr Borrill will be working on "Transcription factors regulating senescence and grain nutrient content in Wheat". Dr Luna Diez received the award for a project entitled "Plant defence strategies in the arms race with fungal disease". Dr Eves-van den Akker's project is on "The “readers” and the “regulators” of plant-parasitism by nematodes of global agronomic importance". Dr Owens is working on a project with the overall aim to identify whether there is a causal relationship between vitamin D bioavailability and mitochondrial adaptations to exercise training in humans.

Professor John Mathers, Chair of the Rank Prize Funds Nutrition Committee said: 

"There was an exceptionally strong field of applications in 2018, with proposals covering human and animal nutrition and crop sciences. The successful applicants gave excellent presentations to our Committee and showed a keen understanding of the potential impact of their research as well as scientific excellence and commitment to developing their careers in their chosen field. It is a great pleasure to be able to support future research leaders through our New Lecturer Awards scheme and we look forward to seeing the future outcomes of their research."